Security before Long Holiday!!
Would you measures against Robbers?? before long holiday


Dear Valuable Customers,

Good day to you. Our summer vacation starts from 11th to 16th, August.

【Japanese Traditional Season called '' Obon''】
Because of welcoming of spirits of our ancestors, this period is a very important family gathering season. It is also a time when most Japanese people can take a long holiday, so many people go traveling during this period.

Well, Please pay attention when you leave the house!!
Home Burglary crime rate is getting high during this season.

But if you work out countermeasure with our TRF???
(Our TRF series have 12 kinds of Shapes.)

Enhance the security

------- Summer Holiday Information ------

■: August 11th (Fri) to 16th(Wed)

We are back from August 17th(Thu)
RFQ, Orders handle from 17th.


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