Technical Information for Slim Head Screws



Many European Customers ask us about Slim Head Screws

--- Technical information for Slim Head Screws ---


Dear Valuable Customers,

Last time we introduced that european customers are interested in our Slim Head Screw.

In addition last characteristics, today why they are interested in our Slim Head Screw with technical aspect...

*6 Lobe Recess is good torque transmission *Incomplete thread is small so that can strong fastening.
*Thin Head with Hex Socket type may have head broken *Our Slim Head Screw Hardness is uniformity.
( Similar products are not Head Strength and Thread Strength are different)

If you want to try our Slim Head Screws, please not hesitate to ask!!

Looking forward to you mail!!

Have a Nice weekend!!

Slim Head Screws

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