Torque analyzer

Introduction of PC Torque Analyzer

Are your TORQUE Control Safety ?

Torque analyzer

  • Only tool to know the best matching of "hole dia.", "tightening torque & type of tapping screws"!!
  • You can test with your actual Products and get tightening torque result!!
  • Get your tightening torque data under HIGH SPEED FASTENING!!


Torque analyzer

Fastener manufacture

  1. New tapping screw development,and comparison of competitor screws.
  2. Anti claim action and better customer support.

Fastener trader

  1. New customer development
  2. Supplier evaluation and technical feed-back to suppliers.

Fastener user

  1. To make assembling standard(tightening torque) at mass
  2. Decide hole dia. before expensive die making.


  1. Tapping screws are stripping at mass Production. (Do you set RIGHT torque?)
  2. We want to change the material of Products body. Do we need to change hole dia. and tapping screws? (from PP to ABS, from steel sheet metal to Aluminum etc.......)
  3. There are so many tapping screws available.We have no idea which tapping screws are best for our Products.


*PC TORQUE ANALYZER gives you the solution!*

  1. You can test with your current Product or proto-type samples.
  2. You get Torque chart immediately and get solution of best matching "HOLE DIA.","TORQUE" and "TYPE OF TAPPING SCREWS".
  3. It is easy testing equipment for anybody.
  4. Just one click! to get test report result.

Connecting to your personal computer, screw torque is graphically analyzed.

Torque analyzer catalog

Torque analyzer catalog

TORQUE ANALYZER Catalog Download (PDF)

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