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What is Self-Tapping Screw for Thermoplastic ''Nonsert'' ?


What is Self-Tapping Screw Nonsert??

SAIMA Original Self-Tapping Screw for Thermoplastic

Dear Valuable Customers,

Thank you for your corporation and understanding with SAIMA.

After TAK NEWS Vol.312 delivery, customers asked us what is the Nonsert?
Today , we introduce our Nonsert.

Nonsert is the SAIMA CORPORATION original product
and self-tapping screw for thermoplastic resin.


■No-Need Metal Insert
■Triolobular Thread Shape
■Thread Angle 30 degree
■For Thermoplastic resin(ABS, PP, PC etc...)

Repeated Test Movie

It is very difficult to find the solution when you fasten to thermoplastic resin

Fortunately, we have the machine to analyze the torque conditions.

If you have problem, please not hesitate to ask SAIMA.

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