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Totally Flat Screw 310Slim


Totally Flat Screw 310Slim

Important Key Point is 6Lobe Recess
Dear Valuable Customers,

Thank you for your corporation and understanding with SAIMA
and Export division 310express.

Totally Flat Head Screw "310 Slim", the main product of SAIMA,
have special characteristic.

Because of head height is totally flat, User does not worried about protrude
of screw head part.

For your reference, M3 size, the head height is only 0.8mm!!

【Comparison of M3 Head Size】
310Slim     0.8mm
JIS Pan Head    2.0mm
ISO Pan Head 2.4mm
Please see COMPARISON CHART --HEAD HEIGHT-- from below URL.

''The reason working well as screw is 6 Lobe Recess.''

6Lobe is superior of torque transmission comparing with Hex Socket,
recess depth can be shallow

When the recess depth becomes shallower... The head height can be lowered,
and even with a low head, it can be firmly fastened because it is 6 Lobe Recess!

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310Slim has 6Lobe Recess.
※ 6Lobe means that ISO10664 '' Hexalobular'' .

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