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Tamper Resistant Fastener for Children Safety


 Tamper Resistant Fastener for Children Safety

  Better proposal with SAIMA TRF to Customers 
Dear Valuable Customers,

Thank you for your corporation and understanding with SAIMA
and Export division 310express.

There are increasing remote working people due to corona virus situation,
many users focused on the safety of children.

There are opportunities to play in parks, etc., just by taking a break,
but if the screws on the playground equipment are easily loosened,
it could cause a serious accident.

It is especially used in European parks and public facilities,
but it is a fact that there are many areas where you can
still understand its importance.

SAIMA may be able to offer better services and added value.

If you are interested, please refer to the URL below.

TRF(Tamper Resistant Fastener)