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Screw for the Home Security(SAIMA)



Any problems with the maintenance work after the holidays?
------ TRF can prevent accidents and damage problems ------

Dear Valuable Customers,

Thank you for your corporation with SAIMA and Export division 310express.

After a long vacation, inquiry about TRF increase because there are many
mischiefs and thefts during the holidays, and many companies start installing TRF
as a countermeasures.

【Case 1】
-You go to the maintenance in the public location then found out
the panel you installed with standard bolt was removed and was about to break.
...If the panel came off, it would have been a big accident!

【Case 2】
-Your customer tried to fix your product by himself but broken further
as a result and no longer possible to repair it by professional.

In order to avoid such troubles,
Why not install a TRF tamper-proof screw in advance?

TRF(Tamper Resistant Fastener)