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Drone Users Focus on Weight Saving in Japan


 Drone Users Focus on Weight Saving in Japan

 310Slim Helps Your Weight Saving and Space Saving

Dear Valuable Customers,

Thank you for your corporation with SAIMA and Export division 310express.

SAIMA distributes information that is useful to our customers through various media.
The other day, we started distributing information from Twitter from several days ago,
and received inquiries about 310 Slim.

310Express Twitter

Advantages for our 310Slim are saving weight and saving space!!

Under Japanese aviation law, the restrictions differ greatly depending on
whether the drone weights are less than 200g or more than 200g.

less than 200g: Not regulated by the Aviation Law
more than 200g: Regulated by the Aviation Law

So users are focus on the weight saving!!

It is becoming a trend to pursue to saving the weight as much as possible.

Is there such a case in your country?
If you are interested in our 310Slim, please contact us!!


Best Regards,