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Ultra Low Head Screw Slim310 + Collaboration#1


Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim  x  〇〇〇
Collaboration #1 : Non-Sert Thread forming Screw for
Soft Plastic

Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim

SAIMA's popular product ''Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim'' is
We are manufacturing and selling a large number of derivative models from 1998.

Today, We will introduce a derivative model that can be said to be a collaboration several times!

Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim

① Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim  x  Non-Sert Product Name : 310Slim Non-Sert

Non-Sert is the thread forming screw for soft plastic.
If the soft plastic material has a pilot hole, it can be fastened directly.
Non-sert is designed to prevent screw idling.

310Slim Non-Sert is able to be keeping head height low and to use against soft plastic

This product helps to miniaturize your product size.

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