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Ultra Low Head Screw Slim310 + Collaboration#2


Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim  x  〇〇〇 Collaboration
#2 : Non Cam-Out Cross Recess

Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim

Originally, the only recess for 310Slim was 6Lobe.

The reason is that the torque transmission is good and the fastening tool
is good even if recess is shallow in order to lower the head height.
The reason why "6-Lobe" was the best.

Hex Socket and Cross Recess are Camming-Out if the recess is shallow.
If recess is deep, we can not produce ultra low head screw.
That is the best balance of 310Slim.

Over time, we developed a new type of cross recess as ''Qua Stix''
which is difficult to Cam-Out.

Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim

''Qua Stix'' is good torque transmission even recess is shallow.

Now, both "6-Lobe" and "QuaStix" have become popular products.

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