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310Slim Blends in with Surrounding Colors!!


Are the screws silver because of stainless???
There are bronze screws that blend in with the surrounding colors!

Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim

Thank you for your interested in our product every time.
Today also talking about 310Slim.

Now European customers asked us the stock status every day.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, the number of people doing DIY is increasing in Japan.
People who are particular about the interior of the room are a little longing for it.

But if you use standard color of fasteners, looking not so good...
If you feel that, we recommend our 310Slim Stainless A2 Light Bronze and
Bronze for you. Please visit and check it out through our web page.

Color Coordination
Space Saving
Corrosion resistance

Ultra Low Head Screw 310Slim

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