Ultimate Solution of Fastening Soft Plastic!!


Ultimate Solution of Fastening Soft Plastic!!

non-sert and Torque Analyzer help to Solve your Problem
Dear Valuable Customers,

Do you have problems of Plastic Fastening?

1. Cracking at boss with hole
2. Screw turning continuously
3. Plastic Cracking

If your customers are in trouble with these, SAIMA can offer two solutions.

One is checking the torque setting by our Torque analyzer.
We can easily find the solution by this precise machine in a minute.

Second is very simple.
Change your screw into thread forming Tapping Screw "non-sert" for Soft Plastic.

There should be many choice for tapping screws but using standard tapping screws cause the problems showing the above!

We strongly recommend you to use SAIMA non-sert tapping screw.
This doesn't too much load against counter plastic and repeatable use for maintenance.

Please visit our web page and see the detail.
Just feel free to ask us!!


Torque Analyzer

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