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Slim Head Screw Stock in Indonesia MonotaRo(SAIMA)



We can help you bothering work(Packing and Label)

SAIMA Slim Head Screw Stock in INDONESIA MonotaRO!!


Dear Customers,

Last time, we inform you that our Slim Head Screw Stock in Indonesia MonotaRO.
Their business model is called MOR(Maintenance, Repair and Operations) company.
We have several company like this for their request package.

Sometimes, import products are suffered some restrictions in country policy and stop items for such a long time.

Now MonotaRO Indonesia has our Slim Head Screw in their distribution center, You can easily to use our screws!!

We also have Slim Head Screw Agent in Indonesia, we are looking forward to your request and questions.

If you have these kind of customers ,we can help your bothering work!!(Package and Label)

Looking forward to your requests and questions.

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Best Regards,